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Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre

Hello Dear Visitor, Appropriate group is honored to have people like you who are worried about their health & want to acquire knowledge about food & nutrition having a rock solid scientific platform.

The Appropriate group was set up by Dr. S. Kumar in 2008. This proved to be the benchmark in the history of health & gave a starting to the new era of treatment. The appropriate group was started in Nagpur as Appropriate diet therapy center, where Dr. Kumar found a unique way of treating the so called “degenerative diseases”, the non conventional way. His studies & extensive research on different diseases, food & nutritional aspect of food led us to the privilege of upgradation of Appropriate diet therapy center to Appropriate diet therapy center & research institute in 2012.

This idea became popular in medicos & non – medicos through constant efforts (in the form of functions & educational seminars) put down by Dr. Kumar himself & the appropriate team & soon the buds of appropriate diet therapy center were sown in different parts of Maharashtra initially, which slowly spread across India & is still spreading.

Presently, the Appropriate group is honored to have its centers placed in major cities of India. More than 50 Center are serving in all over India. You may visit CENTER LOCATOR Page to find the Address of your nearest center.

Dr. Varun

Associate Director/Senior Consultant

Dr. Deepa

Assistant Vice President (Operations)/Consultant

Dr. Sonali

Senior Consultant

Dr. Arvind

Senior Consultant

Ekta Chikate

Senior Wellness Consultant