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DIABETES REDEFINED: Know what actually diabetes is?

World is full of reasons to “DIE”, out of which common medical reasons are “DISEASES”.
As this is a vast terminology, it has been sub- categorized, one of these sub-categories is

Hi I’m Dr. Varun. By education I’m a Physiotherapist and a Nutritionist. During my
graduation and post-graduation, I came across hundreds of patients suffering from
various diseases and disorders. As a physiotherapist, I have treated hundreds of patients
suffering from Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder), Neuralgia (Nerve pains), Arthritis (Joint Pain),
Hemiplegia (Semi Body Paralysis) and many more. To my amusements, the patients
suffering from diseases like infections, pains etc. were getting results from medicines
prescribed by doctors, but the patients suffering from disorders were comparatively less
happy with the ongoing treatment and thus, they are jumping from one pathy to another.
One of the most common disorders faced by almost every Indian family is “DIABETES”.
It is evident that a Diabetic patient who is on allopathic medications, needs to take
support of them throughout their life. While in other pathies also patients are not satisfied
with the results. Then a question arises, What can we do about this disorder? Much more
important question is Why anyone suffering from Diabetes need to worry about it? I mean,
its just a rise in sugar level in the blood flowing into your arteries. So why one suffering
from this disorder of increased blood sugar level needs to take a regular note of it and
worry if it is continuously rising?
Answer to the above question is rise in blood sugar level is itself not a disease, nor it is so
harmful to be worried about, but it is the detrimental effects it causes while it on the rise.
If your sugar levels are above normal, they give rise to a series of disorders which are
collectively called as “Syndromes”. These syndromes can lead to a life threatening
condition and deterioration of the other organs of the body, which in turn lead to
dysfunctions of these organs, resulting in multiple disorders which prove to be fatal in the
long run. At the time of my clinical postings I used to wonder if there was a permanent
solution to diabetes, if fracture can be reunited, if infection can be cured, I have seen
people getting up from death bed post CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Recitation) then why so
that this disorder cannot be fixed? During our Medicine & Pharmacology lectures, it was
evident that diabetes is a disorder, then what can be done to fix it? If a mechanic can fix a
car, is it not possible that the Creator who has created this Human Body can fix it from all
its dysfunctions? I was always in the looking zone. Initially I was shown a way to help the
healthy body to maintain its health. When I did my personal research on this and applied
the same to myself, I got excellent results. This made me think what if the person with
disorders like diabetes can be given similar support? Will they recover? Can diabetes be
cured actually? With all these questions in my mind I used to study different books of
medical science, I used to ask my teachers and discuss things with my friends from
different fields but all I got was a laugh on my face with a common statement – “Nothing
can cure Diabetes or other disorders, the patients need to take medications throughout
their lives.”
Here comes the turning point of the story, in the final days of my internship, my sister – in
law, who is an ENT Surgeon, invited me to a lecture in the field of Dietetics & Nutrition,
and here, I met my future “GURU” in the field of Dietetics, Dr. S. Kumar Ph.D. Dr. S.
Kumar is a scientist and an applied biochemist who was on his journey of making people
aware of how to stay healthy and how to correct the disorders they are suffering from.
Those 3 hours were phenomenal and I can still remember his words as he spoke them
yesterday, though it has been about 15 years now. All his teachings I applied on myself
with the additional support System which I was on, to my amusement, I got phenomenal
results. My acne problem was gone, all the issues with my digestion were resolved, I
began to feel light etc. I started suggesting some things to my patients also, but to my
amusement, they failed to listen and almost 90% patients were ignorant about their diet.
After my PG, I started my clinical practice also I worked as an assistant professor in a
renowned college of Bhopal, M.P. for 7.5 years. During this time, I got associated with Dr.
S. Kumar, and began treating patients with “Diet Therapy”. Currently I’m full time
associated with Kumar Sir and following his footsteps.
I am continuing his mission of enlightening people about their health and hence, this blog
is a small step towards it. This will be a series of blogs in which I’ll try to convey my
knowledge and experience for the betterment of society. Hope I was able to create a
curiosity so that you can follow my upcoming blogs by the name of DIABETES
REDEFINED. This will be a series of blogs so don’t miss any of them.

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