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Dr Arvind khandway

Dr Arvind khandway

Senior wellness & Nutrition consultant

Qualification: BYNS, BEMS, MBA, Govt Certified Hospital Management, Govt certified in Nutrition & sidhha Medecine

Experience: 25+ Years

  • Ayurvedic Cardiac Hospital (IPD/ OPD): 10 + Years
  • Metabolic Disorders & Palative treatment for Various chronic health problems (OPD): 10 + Years
  • Senior Visiting Nutrition& Wellness consultant for Various Metro Towns
  • Associated with Dr. S. Kumar Sir PhD Scientists Gold Medalist, A True visionary who is on the way to eradicate Diabetes 2 totally

Awards: MSME union Govt of India Certificates of Nutrition, Sidha Medicines
Accomplishment: Life time Membership Ayush International Medical Association

Consultation Centres: Nagpur, Pune, Hyderabad, Bhuvneshwar, Raipur, Bilaspur, Durg , Satara, Belgavi, Korba