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We can eradicate diabetes word from the medical dictionary within next 50 years: Dr S Kumar

The next great Copernicus is here in India to revolutionise the prevention of diabetes and similar other diseases. Nicolaus Copernicus was the Polish astronomer, who revolutionised astronomy with his discovery that the earth moved around the sun. Similarly, Dr S Kumar a city-based the researcher wants to prove that diabetes Type 2 can be treated and eradicated in India. Dr S Kumar of Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre, Dhantoli is of the opine that diabetes can be eradicated within the next 50 years in India. His extensive research is based on science and facts.

He is shocked why nobody is talking about the facts and prevention of diabetes. The diet we take is cultural, emotional and traditional and we believe in mass psychology but our body works on science, so we need a scientific diet to prevent any metabolic disorder. Hence, insulin resistance is the basic cause of diabetes, said Dr Kumar.
“Science and medical science are two different things. Science has got solution for everything human beings want that doesn’t cost much, but medical science is manipulated science of science for the welfare of industry.”
To know if a patient is diabetic or not doctors should be doing a complete diabetic profile of patient including Fasting SR Insulin, C-PEPTIDE, HbA1c, HOMA IR, Beta Cell Function, Insulin Sensitivity, Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) and Post Meal Blood Sugar (PLBS). All these tests should be mandatory for so called diabetic patients, said Dr Kumar.
Only 1 per cent of the doctors are doing these tests. About 90 per cent of the so called diabetic patients are take medicines, drugs, capsules, insulin etc., that require lifelong treatment which should not be the case, he said.
Dr Kumar after years of extensive research at his lab and manufacturing unit located at Butibori MIDC has developed formulations like Dyboplasting Prostuned 369+ by which the symptoms can be corrected.
He said, “Diabetics is not a disease but a disorder at organ functional level.” To help him out his daughter DR Bhagyashree has joined at the centre.
Dr Kumar age 63 is an applied bio-chemist and a nutritionist who has successfully treated more than 50,000 patients suffering from a variety of ailments through extensive research on different diseases and foods. His YouTube video ‘Diabetes Bhanda Phode’ on a channel has been viewed by more than 2.3 Million people.
The Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre was established Nagpur in 2008. Here he found a unique way of treating degenerative diseases. His studies and extensive research on different diseases and nutritional aspects of food led to the upgradation of Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre and Research Institute in 2012.
“Since nutrition is not a part of medical science, this is not detected,” said Dr Kumar. Our research is absolutely wrong because allopathic treatment works on symptomatic treatment while the cause is not taken care of. After taking medication the problem subsides, after the effect wears away, the patient has to take medicine again, says Dr Kumar.
It is clear that selling these expensive drugs gives relief in symptoms and they are more profitable for them than curing the disease forever.
Here at Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre they are working on the human system. The human body is designed to work on 7.4 Ph that is alkaline, however 90 per cent of the food intake in India is acidic due to which the organ functions become abnormal due to enzyme deterioration as body has more than 75,000 enzymes. At the centre they are working on the cause, hence diseases like diabetes Type 2 are totally reversible, he adds. Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre has more than 50 centres in all the metro cities including Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangaluru, Ahemdabad, Chennai and spread across all the States in India.
Dr Kumar belongs to the pharmaceutical background. He began his career in 1977 in the pharmaceutical industry and was engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products for over 25 years. Kumar was born in a small town Tumsar near Nagpur and raised in Madhya Pradesh.
Scientist Dr Kumar is also the author of ‘No Diabetes Know Diabetes’ and forwarded by Dr Vikas Amte. Another book ‘Yes Milk Ab No Milk’ has been forwarded by Maneka Gandhi and inducted in the President of India’s Library in 2011.
For further detail and appointment, interested may contact Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre Helpline: +91 9372166486

Dr. Bhagyashree S. Sawarkar
Director- Appropriate Diet therapy

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  1. A very true write up on the lifestyle disorder. Good to about more tests which will help us to reach to the root cause of Daibetes .

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