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Our bodies are not designed for the kind of abuse compare to the diet of healthy animal still living in the wild. People eat the diet i.e. abnormal and exotic driven by style and economics. Challenges as nutritionist we face to return our food environment to some thing that we more closely resemble what our bodies are designed to thrive on.


Appropriate group visions the world as a disease free place to live, where no one would be depended on medicines throughout their lives for living a healthy life.


Save Cell To Save the whole Body ” – The structural & functional unit of life is – “cell”. Human body comprises of billions of cells, which are being replaced at the rate of 200 million / minute or 300 billion / day. It means that till you complete reading this page, hundreds of millions of cells are already formed. Here, at appropriate diet therapy center, we are constantly coming up with new & scientific ideas to save your body’s structural & functional unit.


It is said that “there is 1% inspiration & 99% perspiration”. These lines became true for Dr. S. Kumar, who suffered a painful loss of his father to a syndrome of these diseases, & as per the above saying, this set back in his life became the 1% inspiration to reframe his mind, body & soul for the forthcoming 99% perspiration. At this point, Dr. Kumar, a visionary scientist, struggled to go in deep studies & researches of the various degenerative diseases & found the cause of them; it was none other than our most important need – our food. As his research grew step by step, he came to know about different aspects of diet & nutrition & how our wrong dietary habits are directing our lives towards the horrifying mouth of a monster collectively known as “degenerative diseases”.


The raw material for the genesis of millions of new cells is the food you eat. When Dr. Kumar extended his study of life scientifically under an electron microscope, he found that leaving water behind; the food breaks down in 6 major components – carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers. This is the combination of ideal food with proper percentage. But as he studied our today’s food, he found its composition is getting altered, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers are almost nil; instead our food is full of carbohydrate & fats which are the main cause of free radical production in human body. This altered diet, excess of free radical production, & the polluted environment over the years have given rise to multiple degenerative diseases of today such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, Alzheimer, Parkinson, mental retardation, liver disorder, heart attacks, kidney disorders, gynecological disorders, varicose veins, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer & many more.


According to the American economist –“Dr. Paul Piljer”, there are two industries which are growing at a remarkable pace – the fast food industry & the hospital industry. When we look at the population, they are excited to go to the fast food restaurants, take unhealthy diet & fall ill, & when the time comes for getting these diseases treated, they are not so happy to visit the hospital. Also in his studies, he found that many of the foods which are not suitable for humans, the people are having them because of misguidance created by television ads & economic gimmicks played by fast food & hospital industries collectively, a very good example of this is “milk”. This was documented in his book – “the wellness revolution.”
It’s true that we have grown several folds in our hospital industry but still haven’t found the permanent treatment for even “acidity” leave behind cancer, arthritis, heart attack etc., what a contradiction, our medical colleges are giving birth to hundreds of thousands of doctors every year, but a cardiac surgeon dies with heart attack, MD. Medicine suffers from hypertension & an orthopedic surgeon’s mother suffers from arthritis, when doctors aren’t able to save themselves & their family members, how in the world will they treat us? If you are scratching your head for the answer of the above question here it is – This is not because of deficiency of resources or knowledge, it is because of the wrong direction in which we are looking for the solution.


According to “Bible”, god created this world & its living things in 6 days, at that time he created man as an immortal being, but it was because of “Adam & Eve”, our 1st ancestors, who made a mistake, didn’t obey god & in return god punished them with the cycle of life & death. Motive of telling this is that god created food for humans to live & not medicines, & diseases are initial steps of suffering till death. I suppose god saw our agony & had mercy on us, so he chose some of the good souls to help us in conquering these diseases, one of them is Dr. S. Kumar. If he wouldn’t have carried out his research with god’s grace, we would still be treating osteoarthritis by steroid injections or joint transplant, heart problems with bypass surgeries, kidney problems with dialysis etc.
Here in Appropriate diet therapy center, we concentrate on each & every aspect of food & its relation to the underlying disease, when we say “every aspect” we mean it because our studies are based on minute details which include the study of food particles & their chemical reaction at the “cellular level”, we plan diet so that the food nourishes the cells & give them strength to fight against the key cause of degenerative diseases – “free radicals”. That’s how god designed our bodies to be.
Remember, no doctor, no surgery, no medicine can cure you, they all provide your body with the environment to “heal”, & the process of healing is carried out by the body itself. For example: – the doctor suggests the procedure, either he puts the patient on medications or he plans surgery. Medicines helps the body’s immune system to fight with the foreign bodies while through surgery the doctor puts all the damaged body parts in their anatomical position & leave them to “heal”. This healing process is the most important of all which takes place through the body’s enormous power of regeneration. So, we, in appropriate diet therapy center, strengthen your cells & provide them with proper natural environment & the best of nature’s raw material for regeneration, thus, providing you with a healthy, disease free body.
At the end, I would request you to give us a chance to treat you in a natural & effective way.


Health as well as well immunity to various diseases mainly depend on Day to day nutrition. Nutrition provides an energy for day to day activities . Moreover it is important for maintenance of immunity . Disturbance in metabolism results in changes in health status resulting into metabolic disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension. Improper dietary habits, Lack of exercises is mainly responsible for these Disorders alternation in immunity results in various infections of various systems causing Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary infections. Even Cancer caused due to depressed immunity


We, at Appropriate Diet therapy center, study the day to day diets of Diabetes, Hypertensive patients. depending on their Lifestyle we suggest them necessary changes in daily food intake. We identify the reasons of their disorders by doing primary investigations. If necessary they are confirmed by advanced Investigations. Deficiencies if found are corrected by giving Nutritional supplements, Amino acids, Enzymes. We do not stop any medicines advised by treating Physicians for diabetes Hypertension.
For any other ailment, The changes made in diets results in control of Uncontrolled Diabetes, Hypertension within short period of time . Patients are advised to take Consultation of treating physician before making any changes in doses.