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About Founder

Dr. S. Kumar (Founder)

Dr. S. Kumar is a well known scientist with a pharmacy background. He is an applied bio – chemist & a nutritionist who has successfully treated more than 15000 patients suffering from verity of ailments like Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Mental Retardation, Liver Disorder, Heart Blockages, Kidney Disorders, Gynecological Disorders, Varicose Veins, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer & many more with diet modification, nutrition correction & nutritional supplementation.

About Dr. S. Kumar

Dr. Satish Sawarkar (aka Dr. S. Kumar) is a well known Scientist, Ph. D, D. Litt, triple gold medalist, who has dedicated his life towards welfare of mankind. As a biochemist & as an ex-pharma personnel, he used to wonder that why a patient suffers from degenerative disorders like Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Hypertension etc. inspite of taking so many medicines. “If there is cure for Typhoid, Malaria, even T.B. can be cured in a span of 6 months, then why inspite of so many patents and researches, we have not been able to find solution of simple acidity?” Similar questions used to haunt him until one day when he suffered the painful loss of his father which brought a turning point in his life and simultaneously the complete health industry. His research lead him back to basics when he realized that the origin of these disorders is from kitchen and the solution lies in the kitchen itself. This led to the foundation of Appropriate Group under which he introduced health care system with “DIET” as a form of “THERA Y” for the first time, focusing on the concept of “cellular healing” under “Molecular Cell Therapy”. He is working extensively on several degenerative disorders, out of which his comprehensive research on Diabetes has lead to a revolutionary change in the ideology. All his studies have been documented in his book “Know Diabetes then No Diabetes”, which is an eye opening book every intellectual should go through to get a deep insight about Diabetes. As per his research, there is a need to redefine Diabetes as 90% patients taking Hypoglycemic tablets and Exogenous Insulin are not actually Diabetic patients. And this strong statement is not just a gimmick or a marketing stunt, it is backed up by special blood investigations which are advised only by Dr. S. Kumar, throughout the world. Based on these reports, he helps his patients to fight and defeat high blood sugar levels with the means of Scientific Diet and Cell Activators, Sensitizers, Catalysts, Bioflavonoids and Anti-oxidants which helps in enhancing the utilization of sugar at cellular level.


For his contribution in the field of Diabetes, he was awarded

  • Ph. D.
  • D. Litt. in the year 2022 by Russian University
  • He was recently awarded with “Bharat Gaurav Award” in France Senate in July 2022.
  • Awarded by BEST SCIENTIST AWARD at Parliament of UK, London in May 2023
  • YES MILK AB NO MILK (2006) – A Scientific Research Study on the dark side of having milk. It’s foreword is written by Mrs. Menka Gandhi ji. This book has been included in president’s library by Mrs. Pratibha Tai Patil (Ex-President, India).
  • KNOW DIABETES THEN KNOW DIABETES (2017) – A research analysis related to Myths of Diabetes. It’s foreword was written by Mr. Prakash Amte ji (son of late respected Baba Amte ji). It’s redemption was done by Mrs. Anupriya Patel (Ex-Union Minister for Health and Family)