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Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre

Hello Dear Visitor, Appropriate group is honored to have people like you who are worried about their health & want to acquire knowledge about food & nutrition having a rock solid scientific platform.

The Appropriate group was set up by Dr. S. Kumar in 2008. This proved to be the benchmark in the history of health & gave a starting to the new era of treatment. The appropriate group was started in Nagpur as Appropriate diet therapy center, where Dr. Kumar found a unique way of treating the so called “degenerative diseases”, the non conventional way. His studies & extensive research on different diseases, food & nutritional aspect of food led us to the privilege of upgradation of Appropriate diet therapy center to Appropriate diet therapy center & research institute in 2012.

This idea became popular in medicos & non – medicos through constant efforts (in the form of functions & educational seminars) put down by Dr. Kumar himself & the appropriate team & soon the buds of appropriate diet therapy center were sown in different parts of Maharashtra initially, which slowly spread across India & is still spreading.

Presently, the Appropriate group is honored to have its centers placed in 7 different cities namely : – Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Amravati, Bhopal, Chandrapur.