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Cancer Care

GOOD NEWS FOR CANCER PATIENTS Scientific Research at John Hopkins Institute USA has published News that Scientific Diet Therapy is an Alternative Way of treating Cancer patients. This has become good news for Cancer patients who don’t tolerate Chemotherapy and for those who don’t want to go for Chemotherapy. Moreover for patients, who want to continue chemotherapy and Radiotherapy after surgical procedures, it is observed that with proper diet therapy chemo and radiotherapy is well tolerated. All the toxic effects like loss of appetite, Nausea, Constipation which usually occur are not observed.

We at Appropriate Diet Therapy center, started advising the changes in diet by giving Nutritional Supplements .We have very good results of various kinds of Cancers

What we do?

We, at Appropriate Diet therapy center, study the day to day diets of Cancer patients, depending on their Lifestyle we suggest them necessary changes in daily food intake. We identify the reasons of their disorders by doing primary investigations. If necessary they are confirmed by advanced Investigations. Deficiencies if found are corrected by giving Nutritional supplements, Amino acids, Enzymes. We do not stop any medicines advised by treating Physicians for your disease.
For any other ailment, The changes made in diets results in control of your health problems within short period of time. Patients are advised to take Consultation of treating physician before making any changes in doses.