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Let’s know about Dr. S Kumar – Appropriate Diet Centre

Founder of Appropriate Diet Centre, his mission is to ensure healthy life to mankind through applied bio chemistry of “Molecular and Cell Therapy” which is natural, non-invasive, conceptually non-drug, and diet based having no side effects on human body.

Dr. S. Kumar

A healthy lifestyle is something that we all want. However, it’s the food that we eat daily makes the situation worse. The lack of a proper diet plan is one of the main reasons why people suffer from lifestyle diseases says Dr S Kumar founder of Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre who was recently awarded for his unique research on Molecular & Cell Therapy (MCT) which reverses all metabolic disorders. His mantra for life is ‘Save cell to save the whole body.’

Dr. S. Kumar, Ph.D is a well known scientist, an applied bio -chemist, and a nutritionist who has successfully treated more than 15000 patients suffering from verity of ailments like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, Alzheimer, Parkinson, mental retardation, liver disorder, heart blockages, kidney disorders, gynecological disorders, varicose veins, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and many more with diet modification, nutrition correction and providing nutritional supplements. During his research, he studied various Indian diets, nutrition and how our existing dietary habits lead us to the metabolic disorders.

According to Dr Kumar what we eat as diet is cultural, emotional and traditional. But human body works on scientific basis. Our existing diet may not be necessarily suitable for human body. Scientifically proven diet is must. Every problem has solution in diet. Body has self-healing capacity. Kidney failure, Blood pressure, Diabetes and Cancer etc can be reversed by Molecular and Cell Therapy (MCT). Even patients can avoid Knee Surgeries, too.

But then the question remains what is scientific diet to which Dr.  Kumar answer, “we need to understand that human body is alkaline and as such we need to maintain its Ph Level-(measure of acidity or alkalinity). Ideally one should avoid acidic food .However most of us consume 90 percent of acidic food and that’s where the problem begins. We use diet as a therapy to cure all body disorders (metabolism disorders) for it is the absorption, assimilation ingestion and excretion functions carried by enzymes that are susceptible to temperatures and further leads to the metabolic disorders.

To make his point Dr Kumar mentions that as thumb rule all fruits are acidic in nature and also milk is species specific drink and we should not consume it. Though milk is alkaline in nature when it enters human body it becomes acidic and thus affects the cell metabolism. Similarly most of the fruits have fructose whereas the human body needs glucose. Fructose needs to be converted into glucose by the liver before it can be used by the body. The study drawing on clinical trials, basic science, and animal studies concludes that fructose is more damaging to health than glucose as it increases the insulin resistance in the body. Insulin resistance increases the risk for pre-diabetes,  diabetes and a host of other serious health problems, including heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

This is where the Diet is used as a therapy so that it energizes the enzymes and further helps revival of damaged cell to cure the disorder. Citing the case of Diabetes Dr.  Kumar says, “It is caused due to imbalance of insulin (increased insulin resistance) that leads to high blood sugar levels. Diabetes occurs when your immune system, the body’s system for fighting infection, attacks and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. With appropriate diet we help regenerate of   insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas and thus over a period of time, the blood sugar level are well in the limit. Of course this does not happens over night. Following the appropriate change in diet one can see results over period of 90 to 120 days and gradually there is an improvement in our health.”

Dr S Kumar has many accolades as well. He is honored with ‘Health Icon of Kolkata’, ‘Health Icon of Vidarbha’. Dr S Kumar was also awarded Gold Medal by The Global Academy an international Multidisciplinary Academic & Professional Institute registered with United Nations.

He is also author of many books of which the book ‘Yes Milk, Ab! No Milk, published in 2006 and forwarded by then Minister Maneka Gandhi is quite more popular. His recent book Know Diabetes then No Diabetes is appreciated across the fraternity Dr.Kumar has delivered more than 350 lectures as on today among medical and non-medical originations.

To meet Dr. S. Kumar Book Appointment or Call at our Helpline +91 9372166486

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